Carmen Chloe
Video Branding Strategist
Carmen Chloe is a Video Branding Strategist whose passion is to teach, write, and create. Primarily, she serves in the capacity of teaching video-based branding and leveraging to women network and affiliate marketers.

Her passion for teaching, love for video marketing, and desire to help women network and affiliate marketers step away from the ledge of "brand suicide" and into the mindset of intentionally building a profitable personal brand -- led her to pour into the industry what she has learned over the years about branding and video marketing.

By definition, "brand suicide", is plastering your social media wall with your network or affiliate marketing company's products or services, randomly spamming stranger's inboxes and direct messages soliciting your opportunity, and "copying the right cat" in hopes of duplicating their success with NO results. Many women are committing this deadly virtual sin without knowledge or due to being unaware of how to brand themselves beyond their network or affiliate marketing company.

Formerly an elementary school teacher and self-published author, she has a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Bachelor of Science in Communications, with a specialization in Public Relations and Sociology. Her natural passion for creativity and self-expression coupled with her innate desire to teach and connect with others, allows her to walk boldly in her purpose of teaching, writing, and creating.

Carmen Chloe has come to breathe life into "brand suicide" by showing women the power of using video marketing to birth their brands while leveraging network and affiliate marketing to ultimately build their own businesses.

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